Connecting our community to the middle eastern cuisine

Sunday - thursday 11am-10pm
friday-saturday 11am-midnight

What makes us different

modern recipes and fresh ingredients

We are located in south Conroe, Texas. Family owned restaurant, serving Middle-Eastern cuisine. With the founder Riad El Khaliabi’s Syrian roots, he has always wants to open restaurants that bring the flavors and dishes he grew up with to the community. Some of his projects are:

Lucky Eye Lounge (Moscow, Russia), Campus (Moscow, Russia), FLE FLE Grill (New York City, USA) His mission is to keep you smiling with every bite.

The word “MEZZE” is several small dishes served as an appetizer or with alcoholic drinks, or as a light meal. “#1” stays for the quality and best lovely customer service.

Turkish Coffee

Our menu

MEZZE#1 Food and bar Menu - Brunch

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